When a picture says a thousand words, you need a team that speaks today’s language.

We connect Ontario healthcare facilities with radiologists who are fluent in the latest imaging technologies and reporting standards.

Radiology Now was founded by a team of radiologists who identified a gap in reporting quality and related technical services between tertiary care hospitals and independent healthcare facilities in smaller communities.

We designed our unique service model to improve the level of reporting and related services to the IHF community and beyond.

We have team members who are fellowship-trained and fully licensed, with sub-specialties that include:

  • Breast and women’s imaging
  • Abdominal imaging
  • Musculoskeletal imaging
  • Nuclear medicine
  • BMD

Our Radiology Services Our clients enjoy the quality and consistency our radiology services offer, including:

  • Helpful reports from sub-specialty radiologists
  • Our innovative and customized PACS and RIS solutions, which feature cutting-edge integrated radiology and nuclear medicine viewing capabilities
  • Quick-turnaround with digital voice files made available to your transcription team same day and full reports readywithin 24 hours
  • Expert consulting services to identify facility efficiencies and surpass today’s CPSO inspection standards
  • Auditing, supervision services, and continuing medical education workshops for quality assurance
  • One dedicated point of contact to ensure smooth service

We’re here to help you see further. Let us customize a plan for you.