For Clinics
Remote radiology services on demand and on time.

Our unique service model solves resource and budget constraints that many healthcare facilities face today.

By partnering with Radiology Now for your imaging needs,you’ll gain access to:

Fellowship-trained fully licensed radiologists

  • Areas of expertise include: breast and women’s imaging, abdominal imaging, musculoskeletal imaging, nuclear medicine, and more.
  • Our radiologists and technologists receive ongoing medical education for continued development and high quality service, as well as credentialing and Ministry registration.

Best-in-class technology

  • We provide both PACS and RIS solutions with two vendor solutions that can be tailored to your facility’s unique needs
  • We offer digital transcription services, with digital voice files sent within 24 hours.

Fast turnaround times

  • Most studies are reported and transcribed within 24 hours.

Rigorous reporting standards

  • We provide thorough, clear, and consistent standardized reports.
  • Our technologists follow modern worksheets that guide relevant and complete reporting for all ultrasound and nuclear medicine studies.
  • We regularly audit our reports to maintain our high quality service.

Consulting services

  • We also provide technical and efficiency auditing and advisory services.

Learn how our remote radiology services will benefit your facility.